Patrick de Zeeuw Quintin Schevernels Linda Liukas Olaf Molenveld Maarten Verkoren publiek Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ

European Digital
Innovation Conference

Bimhuis | Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam.
28 June 2016

NXTTCH (pronounced as Next Tech) is the first premium event in Europe that connects the corporate world to all kinds of disruptive technologies.

Many companies are reaching out to start-ups that challenge the current business models. NXTTCH visitors are innovators that want to take this to the next level.

Over the next years we will witness a struggle to find the right business cases, to find ways to successfully transform your organization and yourself into a new era where co-creation and permanent beta will be central.

We are entering a next phase of the Internet where it is about BITS in ATOMS. Our physical world will be digitized rapidly. Where the last 20 years digitisation was key for media and information, this time our other side of our economy will be digitized with high velocity. Everything.

Is our society ready for this? Is your organization ready? Are you ready? NXTTCH will challenge you. With experiences, with in-depth debates and with a focus on getting down to the business case of things.

In parallel to NXTTCH we are organizing an international VIP Conference for CIOs, IT Executives and Digital Leaders: CIO CITY, the VIP congress for more than 200 international CIOs and IT Executives at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam.



Of connecting CIOs, IT Executives and Digital Leaders to Startups.



Who will show great business cases and ideas around Disruptive Tech.



That will inspire you to transform your organization and yourself.


28 June 2016

This schedule will be constantly updated .


NXTTCH has some of the most inspiring speakers who will show great business cases and share ideas around Disruptive Tech.

  • Portfolio Item

    Ger Baron

    Ger is Chief Technology Officer of the City of Amsterdam and initiated the Amsterdam Smart City program.

    Portfolio Item

    Yasin Bozkurt

    Information Manager - End-User Devices, Mobility and Unified Communications, Ministry of Defence, Netherlands

    Portfolio Item

    Dries Buytaert

    The original creator and project lead for the Drupal open source web publishing and collaboration platform. Currently CTO of Acquia, Inc.

  • Portfolio Item

    Bas Eenhoorn

    Dutch DigiCommissioner

    Portfolio Item

    Peter Elger

    CTO nearForm

    Portfolio Item

    Richard van Lent

    Managing Partner and Business Development Director at mITE Systems

  • Portfolio Item

    Linda Liukas

    Ruby Hero 2013, the most notable prize within the Ruby programming community. And Digital Champion of Finland, as appointed by EU commissioner Neelie Kroes.

    Portfolio Item

    Johan Lybaert

    Director of Applications Europe at Cegeka

    Portfolio Item

    Gerd Kortuem

    Professor Internet of Things at the Design Engineering department, faculty of Industrial Design Engineering - Delft University of Technology

  • Portfolio Item

    Manuela Krull-Mancinelli

    Digital Transformation Manager and Blockchain Entrepreneur

    Portfolio Item

    Fergal McGovern

    Founder VisibleThread

    Portfolio Item

    Olaf Molenveld

    CEO & co-founder of

  • Portfolio Item

    Anthony Meyer zu Schlochtern

    Managing Director, Founder, Guest Lecturer, Fresh Mind at Innovation Booster

    Portfolio Item

    Piotr Pawlak

    Founder "FUN and MOBILE” software house and “Kinetise" platform

    Portfolio Item

    Robin Raskin

    Founder of Living in Digital Times (LIDT)

  • Portfolio Item

    quintin schevernels

    Schevernels advises corporates and startups on innovation and growth. He is the author of 'Suits & Hoodies' (mid-December 2015).

    Portfolio Item

    René Steenvoorden

    Senior Executive Vice President - Chief Information Officer, The Rabobank Group

    Portfolio Item

    Maarten Verkoren

    Managing Partner 3D Makers Zone and Co-founder ASSEMBL3D

  • Portfolio Item

    Wim de Waele

    CEO at Eggsplore

    Portfolio Item

    Patrick de Zeeuw

    Co-Founder and board member of Startupbootcamp Global, which has operations in Amsterdam, Dublin, Copenhagen, Haifa and Berlin.

    Portfolio Item

    Mark Zawacki

    Founder of 650 Labs and Milestone Group. Prior to founding both 650 Labs and Milestone Group, Mark spent nearly a decade as a strategy consultant with the CSC Index.


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NXTTCH conference takes place at Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ in Amsterdam and Bimhuis, the Netherlands.


Bimhuis | Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ,
Piet Heinkade 1,


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